I love LOVE….Work Aroha

Image courtesy of John Clarity (Artist)

Image courtesy of John Clarity (Artist)

I love LOVE…how could I not? My life path energy is that of the six, in the tarot ‘The Lovers’ which simply put for this post right now just means an enquiring mind, an energetic spirit with an altruistic vision that wishes to share LOVE. The Lovers in the Tarot….

So I wondered when I began working on my start-up business as an Employment Coach how to bring this into my everyday, how do I name this when I work with my clients, how do I brand myself with this concept. How do I get others to ‘share the love’ without sounding like it’s a love fest in the workplace –  because for a lot of us it’s definitely not that when we turn up to work each day. So with one foot in front of the other, with a ton of courage writing my first EVER blog, I will share with you my business name Work Aroha…haha living the dream right here right now!


noun, 1. activity involving mental/physical effort in order to achieve result. 2. task/tasks undertaken.

verb, 1.to be engaged in mental/physical activity to achieve result, to work. 2. (of a machine or system), functional, described in ways like properly or effectively.

Aroha¬ “The creative force that comes from spirit” Language of origin: Maori, Aotearoa (New Zealand). ARO – root word means ‘mind, seat of feelings’ HA – means ‘breath, breath of life’ (Williams Maori Dictionary, 1st ed.1844, 6th ed. 1957).


How amazing is the word AROHA?….Aroha is a beautiful all-encompassing word that is not as one expects. Aroha presumes the universe to be abundant with opportunity. In a social context Aroha seeks out the best in people and draws the best out. It is not a carte blanch approach however, as Aroha is firm in not accepting aggression, greed, ignorance and other negative behaviours. Aroha in the workplace seeks unity and balance, in leadership practice it is intelligence across all spectrums (IQ, emotional social and cultural..). It is universal, known by all people’s of all cultures…it is often lost in today’s busy crazy problem filled world we live in…People lose connection with their AROHA…and with Work Aroha I work to help clients find it…

Until next time..with love.

L x

“Pu ana ki roto..ki ana ki waho..Ka pu te ruha..Ka hao te rangatahi. I runga I te AROHA. > Originating from within..It fills the outer..when wisdom emerges.. Transformation occurs upon the foundations of LOVE”

Sources: www.aroha.org, Renaissance Aotearoa Foundation, Ruth Makuni Tai (Maori saying). Many thanks & blessings.